Marigold Coaching’s overriding ethos is that of authenticity, and we ascribe to the following values:

The company was founded by Nina Lovatt, a graduate from Oxford Brookes University and highly-qualified executive coach and mentor.

Nina has worked with senior management teams, from small and medium sized enterprises as well as large international organisations, for over twelve years. She works with a selection of trusted coaching associates, bringing transformative results to the people and organisations with whom she works. Her natural warmth and ease with people is underpinned by a steely edge that is not afraid to challenge or confront themes and issues.

Nina is a member of the Association of Coaching and is a licensed practitioner for Insights® Discovery and Insights® Deeper Discovery.

Selecting an executive coach

Coaching can substantially improve the performance of individuals and organisations, however, it is important to select the right coach!

Below are our top tips for finding a coach to suit your aims and objectives.

  1. Are they fully qualified and a member of an appropriate professional body e.g. The Association for Coaching?
  2. Do they have experience in the areas you wish to address, your industry or type of company? Can they provide case studies, examples and testimonials from past clients?
  3. Do they use accredited and recognised coaching techniques and models?
  4. Have they explained the process, how it works, expectations and the objectives for YOUR organisation?
  5. Do you feel confident in their ethos, approach, communication and relationship-building skills, and how they will ‘fit’ with your company and its people?

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Insights® Discovery and Insights® Deeper Discovery

Marigold Coaching is a firm advocate and licensee of the Insights® Discovery and Insights® Deeper Discovery learning and development programmes. We believe they offer unrivalled breadth, depth and longevity for personal and professional development. Organisations that embraced Insights®’ methodology have seen improved individual and team performance, and a more creative and motivated workforce.

To watch the 'Welcome to Insights Discovery' video, click on the image below:

Discovery insights video screenshot - linking to YouTube video.

"Having completed my insights profile in 2009 it has surprised me, just how may times I have continued to dip in and out of it.  If I'm facing a challenge that I just can't get through, I have a look to see to understand what barriers are getting in the way to help me overcome them.  If I need to understand why I behave in a particular way when working with colleagues, it assists me with developing a communication style that allows us both to have a positive reciprocal working relationship.  Its amazing that a development tool can support you for such a long period of time and that Insights continues to assist you to grow and positively impacts on your personal motivation."

- Jennie Atkins, Learning and Development Manager, Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saison