Authenticity & The Dragon Slayer

Welcome to the authentic leadership blog.  As an executive coach I am curious to explore the “authentic leadership” debate.  What does being an authentic leader or entrepreneur really mean?  What are the benefits of authenticity and what are the potential pitfalls?  And most importantly what does it mean for us as individual leaders, managers and entrepreneurs?  Here in this blog I will explore and debate authentic leadership and challenge you to draw your own conclusions. 

In a recent Radio 4 interview Dragon Slayer and Hot Sauce King, Levi Roots, mentioned that when Dragon investor, Peter Jones, had invested in his Hot Sauce business he had given him “the space to be true to himself”.  Because of this Levi said that both he and his business had been able to flourish and grow.  Levi went onto to share that he had made mistakes along the way but that he had always been true to himself, his values and to his beliefs which made him feel good and improved his feeling of self- worth.

Levi’s interview got me thinking ……… many of us as leaders give our people “the space to be themselves”…and in reality what does that actually mean both for us as a leader and for our organisation?  In his book “Authentic Leadership”, Bill George argues that as leaders we are on a journey of self –discovery to discover “our purpose, our passions and our motivations”.  And if we are on this journey then our colleagues are surely on their own journey too?  As leaders we must recognise this and support them and allow them to bring their whole self to work.

 Levi Roots sharing his story and his inheritance tracks can be heard here:

Authentic Leadership by Bill George can be found here:

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